New Year's Review

January offers us a time to reflect and review opportunities for system improvements, increased efficiency, and cost reductions. During busy holiday sales, operations and procedures are truly tested for maximum productivity and consistent integration from our clients to our customers.

At Nebraska Delivery, we consistently strive to make the delivery process as seamless and pleasant as possible, especially during the holidays and other high volume periods. We do this by initiating a proactive outlook in reviewing all the support processes that go into making deliveries, from the beginning receiving the product from the client or manufacturer to the final step of providing a successful in-home delivery and installation. We review past data for potential volume spikes and formulate a strategic plan of action. Proper preparations can alleviate the heightened pressures from the higher volume and increase the “operational flexibility” against negative events such as in climate weather, mechanical failures, buyer’s remorse, etc.

High volume/holiday preparations include:

· Review of installation parts and supply levels, advance ordering of any necessary supplies, and carrying a 30-60 day reserve (depending upon usage).
· Having extra on-call delivery teams available daily.
· Having appropriate support staffing, especially in the week immediately following a sale/promotion.
· Triple inspections of all received merchandise.
· Preventative maintenance on all warehouse equipment.
· “Refresher” and updated customer service training throughout the organization including role play exercises.
· Complete computer systems audit.

We value our clients and the lasting partnerships we have forged. Each delivery is important to our company, and we realize that our service has a direct impression on our client’s image – even more so during high volume periods where the customers’ requirements are higher and their tolerance for errors is lower. We continuously strive to improve processes and encourage open communication from all associates, so we exceed our clients’ and their customers’ expectations all year long. By implementing these procedures, critical high volume and sales periods become a smooth part of regular operations.

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